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mother and baby doll

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this delightful doll has a baby doll in her stomach attached
by a symbolic cotton umbilical cord which can be left intact
or cut, representing the birth of the baby. the mother’s
dress is crossed at the front and can be undone – both
mother and baby have little magnets sewn into their fabric
so baby can be attached to the mother to represent
breast-feeding. finally baby can be popped into mother’s
red foulard and carried at the front or the back.

frida's tierchen was created by frida's mother maria 
when her daughter was born.  maria wanted to
provide her child with carefully designed original
and timeless dolls, animals and ‘complements’.  
she creates simple designs to allow children to 
develop their imaginations. the products are individually
handmade with natural local biodegradable fibers, 
such as cotton and wool, that give organic qualities.  

100% wool and cotton, chemical-free polyester filling
made from recycled plastic bottles.

hand-washable, max 30 degrees.
mother 45 cm baby 12 cm

designed and handmade by frida's tierchen in barcelona.