all about baskets

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my daughter has always loved to carry baskets. even when she was tiny she would use baskets for her teddies and toys. being catalan, we’ve always had lots of baskets around the home so there are plenty to chose from. my mother was the same, she too could never resist a woven basket, that obsession passed on to me... weaving is an art form that’s been practiced all through civilisation. it’s in our heritage, it’s part of our culture, and something we instinctively appreciate.

all about baskets

in spain there’s a strong tradition of weaving baskets from palm. baskets are hand-woven using the traditional technique passed down from generation to generation. because each basket is handmade they are all slightly different and unique, and these variations add to their appeal. they are strong and hard-wearing, and completely natural and bio-degradable.

all about baskets


we have baskets in all sorts of shapes and sizes dotted round the house - in the kitchen, for storage and laundry, for sorting clothes and shoes – and we never leave home without one. we have big ones for everyday shopping, going to the market and days out at the beach, medium ones for foraging trips, nipping out to the post office or to pick up a pint of milk, little ones for our children and mini ones for their teddies and dolls. we have shoulder baskets with longer leather straps, which can be used on a bicycle, and baskets with colourful handles so everyone in the family can choose their favourite.

this summer hedgehog has travelled further and we’ve introduced some vibrant coloured woven baskets from asia. made from recycled plastic strapping, they are very resilient and strong. we keep one in our car for muddy or sandy shoes and hose it down to clean it, and because they’re a more structured shape, they’re great for carrying drinks and glasses to picnics.

whatever shape, size or colour, baskets are essential summer kit for the family. there are plenty in our shop to choose from... don’t leave home without yours!



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