the hedgehog story

when my children were young, as a creative - i have run my own design & creative consultancy for many years - I carefully curated what toys and everyday objects came into the home. i wanted aesthetically pleasing, simple, classic, long-lasting things that would be treasured, not discarded. 

from this hedgehog was born. i sought practical, timeless, appealing products - a proper chair, woven baskets for me and my children, child size brushes, mini garden tools and so on - to encourage children to respect what they had and to have fun while learning. being a mixed heritage family i looked to embrace diversity through music, stories and dressing up clothes from around the world. 

key to hedgehog’s ethos is a deep respect for nature, a focus on observation and adventure and an aim to inspire children to follow a sustainable, eco-friendly path. we value homemade, vintage and second hand, encouraging our customers to buy less, buy better and buy things that last. 

family time, playing games, laughing, dressing up, stem derived toys, outdoor play, music making, creating through arts and crafts, baking and exploring are things that hedgehog promotes. 

with our products hedgehog aims to spark a child’s imagination!

as my children spread their wings and head out into the world i am reassured that they will treasure childhood memories, respect history and be thoughtful about the environment. hedgehog has been part of their journey.