welcome to our journal.

here we would like to share a few things about family life. we hope to inspire you to encourage your children to open their eyes to the world around them and find their inner creativity.

it happens to all new parents…we had our first child in the early ‘noughties’, our priorities changed and we became totally involved in the world of babies and children and began acquiring all the paraphernalia needed for playthings, story telling, birthday parties, outings and days at home. we searched for good quality toys which were well made, long-lasting, often made from wood, aesthetically pleasing and educational. i realised that we were very particular in our tastes and minded what our children played with.

then, about six years ago, i felt the need to change my lifestyle. i had run my own design and creative consultancy for many years – it was time for something new. we had developed a knack for finding traditional toys that took us back to an earlier era when children’s play times did not revolve around computer screens and mobiles were just telephones. ‘less is more’ became our mantra and we became very discerning about what we bought. this search took us to unusual places, and we found things in car boot sales, on our trips away, in markets and even at the hardware shop.

some of our earliest ‘finds’ were tiny size espadrilles and abarca sandals, and little traditional spanish woven baskets just like my own. also a pair of bright red enamel espresso cups, the perfect size for toddlers’ hands, a small racing green enamel bucket and a child-size wheelbarrow. our children played with these little versions of adult things for many years and now their younger cousins are playing with them. this search for well-made, practical, attractive and often educational playthings became quite a mission. it inspired me to put all the things we found under one roof to share with other like-minded people. hedgehog was born.

hedgehog has evolved to offer a broad range of classic products for everyday life, play, travel, baking, arts and crafts, party time and more. our children are now teenagers but we still love to search for beautiful, practical and well-made things for family life, and hope you enjoy following us.





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