a spring day out - lambing season

a spring day out - lambing season

spring is a time for birth and new life. whether you live in a city or the country, there’s nothing more delightful than to visit a farm with baby animals in the spring. watching a newborn lamb stand on its wobbly legs and gambol in the fields, or a tiny fluffy freshly hatched chick finding its feet are some of life’s irresistible pleasures, whether you’re two years old or eighty! it’s a lovely day out for all the family.

some of our happiest days out have been at daylesford. It’s a real, organic working farm where our children have enjoyed learning about farming and animals. most children love nature, and we like to encourage ours to learn about farming to help them to understand and appreciate where the food on our plates arrives from, and quite how much work has gone into it getting there. a visit to a farm with a guided tour can be an important lesson for children to understand the decisions and consequences we make about our diets. at daylesford we have seen lambs being born, emerging from their mothers and hitting the straw ready to start life. i believe it’s good for children to witness nature, from birth to death to understand that these events are entirely normal and nothing to be afraid of.



many farms across the country offer visits with a close-up experience of lambing. some allow visitors to bottle feed lambs and some offer tractor tours, which are especially loved by young children. farm visits are especially rewarding in the spring, but there’s lots to enjoy and learn all the way through spring and summer.



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