mid-autumn festival

mid autumn festival


the mid-autumn festival is an ancient family occasion, similar to harvest festival. celebrated in china and east asia over a full moon, this year it falls on friday 13th september. traditionally families gather together, light paper lanterns and share mooncakes to give thanks for the harvest and pray for the future.

lanterns originally symbolised fertility and often depict natural elements, such as flowers, plants and butterflies. when lit at nightime, they represent the sun’s light and promise that warmth will return after winter.

we love to celebrate festivals, and feel it’s important for our children to connect to their part-chinese heritage. we festoon our little london garden with colourful paper lanterns lit with candles, and eat mooncake sent with love by family in hong kong.

 mid autumn festival

each paper lantern feels like a work of art. flat packed, there’s a fine wire hook at the top and a simple tassel at the bottom, with tightly concertinaed layers of exquisitely engineered paper between. if it’s a still night we hang them from twigs, stems and branches and light them with candles (but be warned – they are not fire resistant), and if the weather’s bad they look almost as good hanging inside. they make charming decorations over tables at parties and celebrations at any time of year, not just for festivals.


mid autumn festival

may all your wishes come true!



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