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chinese paper lanterns - assorted

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a pack of 10 hand-painted chinese paper hanging lanterns.
in china, lanterns are symbols of brightness, and are 
often used at festivals and celebrations to symbolise
the wish for a bright future.

an eye catching and effective way to decorate a room for
a party, and pretty outside in the summer for garden parties.

lanterns come flat, ready to be pulled into shape.
easy to store and can be re-used. each has a fine
wire hook for hanging and simple tassel at the base.
can be used with or without a candle (not supplied).

assorted sizes, colours and shape, some round,
some oval, triangular and square. some colours might
be repeated or omitted.

large: approximately 14.5 cm diameter to about
20 cm long when extended.
small: 9.5 cm diameter to 15 cm long when extended.

warning: paper is highly flammable. to be handled
by adults only. 

product from hong kong