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kapla square set - red

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kapla was invented in 1987 by dutchman tom 
van der bruggen, to find construction solutions for 
building the castle of his dreams. he created 
precision-made planks with a ratio of 1:3:5 to 
enable builders to construct with the strength of 
stone and the precision of artwork. the planks can 
be use to make incredible creations without the 
need for glue, screws or fixings.

40 coloured planks in a wooden box. useful for 
integrating into large sets of natural coloured planks, 
or for making small constructions. well-made, 
long-lasting, educational and fun for all thefamily. 
kapla encourages logical thinking, stimulates creativity 
and helps develop concentration, patience, 
perseverance and dexterity.

100% untreated wood, sourced from renewable pine 
forests in south-west france, near the factory 
where it’s made.

box 16.5 x 16.5 x 8 cm

age 3+

designed and made in france