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matchbox pinhole camera

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the complete kit to make a working pinhole camera from a
matchbox. includes instructions and a colour film. simple to
use and achieves beautiful results. a great gift for creative
children and adults, especially anyone interested in photography. 

includes: 1 x 35mm colour film, 1 x matchbox,
1 x empty film canister, 1 x pin, 1 x roll black tape,
1 x piece metal and 1 x piece sandpaper.

box size 12.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 cm

about the creator
anna log products was founded by photographer
elisabeth scheder-bieschin together with her son
max coates. both share a love for experimenting with
historical photographic processes. anna log products is a
range of products created to share the love of photography
and bring back the magic of hands on photographic
image making.

not suitable for young children, requires skills.

designed and assembled in london